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A boiler engineer up a ladder as he siphons the oil from an oil tank into a temporary tank.
Preparing to clean an oil tank

To protect your oil fuelled heating system, you should ensure that your oil tank is free from sludge and contaminants. If any of these contaminants (e.g., water) make it through to the heating system, it could create expensive repair bills.

Our tank cleaning service will help to ensure that your oil heating system continues to run at maximum efficiency. All tanks are cleaned by our in-house team of OFTEC registered engineers to an extremely high standard.

Of course, each tank is different, so the cleaning service we provide will differ from job to job. In each case we will assess the oil tank and carry out the appropriate level of cleaning.

Water Contamination in an Oil Tank

Water can find its way into your oil tank in a couple of ways. The most common way is when vents and caps are damaged, allowing rainwater to enter the tank. Also, condensation can form with daily temperature variations. This only creates a small amount of water, but it can build up over time.

When the tank is contaminated with water it will sink to the bottom and rest underneath the oil. This does not cause a problem immediately. If, however, the water reaches the oil outlet, it will enter your boiler or cooker and can cause significant damage.

A badly maintained oil tank with water contamination
Water Contaminated Oil Tank

A temporary oil tank filling up with oil.
Emptying an oil tank

How do you clean an oil tank?

We first carry out a risk assessment and ensure that all safety protocols have been met. Then, a simplified version of the process is this:

  • First, we pump out any water from the tank
  • We then remove all the oil from the tank
  • The tank is cleaned to remove any sludge or other contaminants
  • The oil is filtered and then returned into the tank

How often should I clean my oil tank?

Different factors affect how often you should clean your oil tank. How much oil you use and how frequently you top up your oil can affect the sludge build up. Typically, every 3 years would be a recommended period of time to clean your tank.

Of course, if you have noticed damaged seals or vents then you may have rainwater inside your tank. In this case you should call an OFTEC registered engineer to pump out the water sooner. Call our friendly team on 01903 726295 who will be able to offer advice or book an appointment.

Domestic & Commercial Oil Tank Cleaning

We offer both domestic and commercial oil tank cleaning in West Sussex and East Hampshire. Based in Ford, our OFTEC registered engineers are perfectly situated to cover both counties. If you’re further afield and want to know if we cover your area, why not call today on 01903 726295? Our friendly team will be happy to talk to you.

A newly installed domestic oil tank

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