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A domestic oil boiler with the front cover removed during a service.
Oil Boiler Servicing

Our OFTEC registered engineers will service your oil boiler to ensure that it remains efficient and reliable throughout the year. We strongly advise that you service your boiler regularly as this helps to identify any problems before they escalate. By replacing worn parts and cleaning your boiler regularly you will save money on expensive breakdown repairs. And, importantly, it will help to ensure you enjoy uninterrupted service from your boiler.

Why do you need to service your oil boiler regularly?

Cost Effective: If an oil boiler is not cleaned regularly, it will have a negative impact on its efficiency. Soot can build up with regular use, meaning your boiler needs to use more fuel to maintain the same temperature. By cleaning out your boiler, our engineers will ensure that it runs more efficiently and therefore more cost-effectively.

Reduced chance of breaking down: During a service, our engineers will carry out an inspection of all the parts of your oil boiler. By replacing necessary parts, we’ll ensure that it is in good working order and less likely to break down. A reliable boiler will give you uninterrupted service and minimise the chance of costly repairs.

Safety Check: Oil boilers create carbon monoxide fumes. An annual service will, first of all, ensure that the boiler is burning cleanly. It will also confirm that there are no leaks and that the gas is being expelled safely via the flue.

You can read more in our blog post ‘10 reasons why you should get your oil boiler serviced’. Alternatively, call us on 01903 726295 or click the link below to get in touch.

A piece of A4 paper on a wooden table outlining the Oil Boiler Services boiler care plans
Boiler Care Plans

Our Service Promise

We always aim to provide a fast, responsive, attentive and professional service to all of our customers. Repeat custom is at the core of our business. So, by ensuring that your boiler runs reliably and efficiently, we hope you’ll return to us year on year.

Oil Boiler Care Plans

We understand that breakdown repair and maintenance can be expensive. Which is why we have developed our boiler care plans. Our plans include an annual tank inspection and breakdown cover, including parts (inside boiler casing), with a 48-hour response time. By signing up to a low monthly payment, you will eliminate any large boiler maintenance or breakdown costs. Click the link below or call us on 01903 726295 to find out more about our oil boiler care plans.

Oil Boiler Servicing in West Sussex and East Hampshire

From our base in Ford, we offer oil boiler servicing in West Sussex and East Hampshire. Our OFTEC registered engineers have over 40 years’ experience of oil appliances for both domestic and commercial use. If you’re unsure whether we cover your location, why not call us on 01903 726295 or send us a message?

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Oil Boiler Servicing in West Sussex & East Hampshire

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