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Family preparing a meal in their warm kitchen heated by a newly installed oil boiler
Oil Boiler Installation

Our engineers have over 40 years’ experience installing and maintaining oil fuelled appliances in both domestic and commercial properties. We will ensure that your boiler is installed safely and professionally and adhere to all safety and efficiency guidelines.

We are OFTEC registered boiler engineers and will install your new oil boiler to the highest standard. Call our team today on 01903 726295 or send us a message to discuss your new oil boiler system.

How do oil boilers work?

Oil boilers work much the same way as regular gas boilers in that they use fuel to heat hot water. The hot water is then distributed to radiators and taps around the house to provide heat and running hot water.

The main difference is that instead of using gas, they use oil. Oil boilers tend to be used where a property is not connected to the natural gas network. Instead, the boiler is connected to an on-site oil tank which must be periodically topped up and maintained.

What is an Oil Condensing Boiler?

Oil condensing boilers recycle the heat generated when heating up water to pre-heat water in the boilers system. In traditional non-condensing boilers, this heat would have been vented and therefore wasted.

They do this with the help of a heat exchanger that re-uses the hot exhaust gasses and maximises the efficiency. The obvious benefit is that it uses less fuel to heat water and is therefore more cost effective to run.

Since 2007 all new oil boiler installations have to condensing. As OFTEC registered boiler engineers, we will ensure that your installation meets the highest standards and conforms to all regulations.

A newly installed domestic oil tank

A newly installed domestic oil tank

What Type of Boiler do I need?

There are 3 main types of oil boiler:

Conventional Boilers: These are largely outdated as they are fed from a water tank in the loft. It’s rare to install this type of boiler these days as the newer types are more efficient. You might install a conventional boiler if it is a like-for-like swap.

System Boilers: This type of boiler is connected to the mains water supply. However, it heats water that is then stored in a hot water cylinder. System boilers might be installed in households with large families that have a high demand for hot water.

Combi Boilers: These are the most efficient type of boiler as they heat water on demand. This removes the need for any kind of water tank or cylinder. Water is fed straight from the system to the boiler and instantly heated. It is then pumped directly to taps or into the heating system on demand.

If you’re not sure what type of boiler you need, then we’d be happy to help you. Our engineers are well experienced and can assess your property and your hot water needs and advise you accordingly. Call us today on 01903 726295 or send us a message.

Oil Boiler Maintenance

Like any machine that you rely heavily on, it is strongly advised that you carry out regular maintenance. As experience oil boiler engineers, not only can we install your oil fuelled appliance, but we can service it too.

Breakdown repairs can be costly. So, to give you peace of mind and to help distribute the maintenance cost, we have developed some care plans. For a low monthly cost, you know your boiler service will be taken care of. And what’s more, we’ll offer a 48 hour response to repair and boiler breakdown.

A piece of A4 paper on a wooden table outlining the Oil Boiler Services boiler care plans
Boiler Care Plans

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