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A newly installed domestic oil tank

Oil Boiler Services is part of the Triplegas group and, as such, also specialise in gas and LPG appliances. Our engineers are experienced in all types of heating and plumbing systems in both domestic and commercial properties.

We are registered on the Gas Safe Register (formally Corgi), the UK’s only official gas safety body. Following assessment, our registration covers us for competence and safety on both domestic and commercial appliances. Click here to see our registration. We take our registration very seriously and always work to industry guidelines for safety and adhere to all regulations.

For servicing or installation of gas or LPG appliances, please call the office on 01903 890967. Our team will be happy to discuss your heating system and advise on how we can help.

LPG Boiler Servicing

With any heating system, prevention is better than cure. Broken down boilers can not only leave you in the cold (literally) but can be costly to prepare. You can mitigate this by ensuring that your boiler is regularly serviced.

But more importantly, you will ensure that your boiler is not emitting any harmful gasses and therefore safe. Additionally, a regularly serviced boiler run more efficiently and increase its lifespan. A clean boiler will burn less fuel, which is good for your fuel bill and better for the environment. We recommend that you have your LPG boiler serviced at least once a year by a Gas Safe engineer. To book a service or to get a quote call our office on 01903 890967 or send us a message.

A newly installed domestic oil tank

Close up picture of the controls of a gas boiler.
Gas Boiler Servicing

Gas Boiler Servicing

As with all heating systems, it pays to regularly service your boiler. Firstly, and most importantly, it ensures that your boiler is safe and not emitting harmful gasses. Secondly it will prevent breakdown, run more efficiently and prolong the life of your boiler. All of which will save you money and stress.

Our engineers are not only experts in oil boilers, but are qualified and experienced in servicing gas boiler systems. We have over 20 years’ experience in servicing a wide range of boiler systems for both domestic and commercial clients. Call the office today on 01903 890967 or send us a message to get a quote or for more information.

Boiler Care Plans

To help you lighten the load of your boiler maintenance, we have devised a monthly care plan. By paying into a low-cost monthly plan, we will ensure that your boiler maintenance is taken care of. Click here to learn more about our care plans. Alternatively, call the office on 01903 890967 who will be happy to help.

A piece of A4 paper on a wooden table outlining the Oil Boiler Services boiler care plans
Boiler Care Plans

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