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Energy Efficient Smart Heating Controls

Your oil-fuelled boiler may be running like clockwork thanks to our heating engineers. But how do you control your heating system to get the most efficient use of your fuel? Are you heating up your house when you are not there? Or perhaps you are heating areas of your house that you don’t frequently use. If so, it would be kinder to the planet, and your wallet, to think about how you control your heating.

Based on your property and your heating requirements, our experts can advise on the most efficient heating controls. Modern advancements and smart technologies mean there’s a lot more options from you to choose from. Our team can supply and install the right option for you so you can make the most of your fuel. And, importantly, they can show you how to use it too.

What types of heating controls are available?

A traditional and somewhat outdated control is the Dial Thermostat. This is a thermostat that is typically kept in one room and controls the heat in the whole house. Although they are easy to install and easy to use, they are not very efficient.

Another older method of heating control is Time Clocks. Again, by today’s standard these are very outdated. A thermostat allows you to set your desired temperature in one room, which affects the whole house. Push pins on the thermostat allow you to set the time of day that you want to boiler to operate.

Digital Programmers are more common in today’s heating systems and offer a lot more flexibility. They allow you to set a 7-day cycle, which means you can have a different setting for weekends. They do allow you a lot more control, but they the interface can be a little trickier to use.

Very common in modern homes are programmable room thermostats. These allow you to not only set on-off times for each day of the week, but variable temperatures too. They are the most popular heating controls installed in modern heating systems outside of advanced heating controls.

A very popular option with more tech-savvy homeowners are Smart Heating Controls. These thermostats connect to the internet and allow you to control your heating system remotely – Usually via a smartphone app.

Boiler Plus is an advanced heating control that automatically sets the temperature based on a learned schedule of use. It learns your occupancy patterns and how long it takes to heat your house and sets the boiler accordingly.

The system that is right for you depends upon your boiler, your property and your heating requirements. Our engineers can help you to work out what is the best and most cost-efficient option for you. Call us today for more information or to arrange a site visit from one of our engineers. Our friendly team can be contact on 01903 890967. Alternatively send us a message.

A womans hands adjusting a digital thermostat inside a kitchen.
Digital Programmers – A popular heating control

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Energy Efficient Heating Controls in West Sussex & East Hampshire

Based in Ford, we offer advice on your heating control system throughout West Sussex & East Hampshire. To find out if we cover your area, call us today on 01903 726295 or send us a message.

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