10 reasons why you should get your oil boiler serviced

An exterior domestic oil boiler having it's annual service.

If you’re not a penguin, or if you like having hot showers, then an efficient, working oil boiler is important. The last thing you need is the pain or the expense of having a broken-down boiler to contend with. To ensure you get the best out of your boiler all year round, then prevention is better than cure. To reinforce this, here are our 10 top reasons for getting your boiler serviced.

1. Oil burning boilers create poisonous gases.

By having your boiler serviced annually ensures it is burning cleanly. It’s imperative that the products of combustion are being expelled safely via the flue and not leaking into your house.

2. Oil boilers create soot and dirt.

And when they do, this gets deposited in the flue ways of your boiler. This, in turn, reduces the efficiency and if left can block the heat exchanger. When this happens, it can be an expensive and time-consuming task to put right.

3. Oil boilers parts have a service life.

Just like your car, your boiler has parts that periodically need to be replaced to keep it functioning. Nozzles, filters, condenser treatment, photo cells and seal’s should all be checked and replaced as part of the annual service. These are all low-cost items. However, if left unchecked, they can cause your boiler to create soot and a large bill to fix.

4. Complying with regulations.

Having your boiler serviced is a specialist job requiring a trained and qualified engineer. There are many rules and regulations associated with oil and oil-fired appliances. These govern oil storage, pipe work, boiler commissioning and the use of flue gas analysers to ensure it burning properly.

5. The whole system needs checking.

Part of the annual service is checking the other parts of the system, not just the boiler. For example, the oil storage should also be serviced. The age and condition of the tank should be checked to prevent leaks. To ensure you don’t run out of oil, the gauges should be checked to ensure they are working correctly. Also, we need to check the location of the tank as part of a fire risk assessment.

6. Heating controls.

It’s important to check that your programmer is set up properly. Heating oil is not cheap and having the controls working properly and efficiently can save you a small fortune.

7. Boiler warranties.

New boilers have warranties and extended warranties covering various parts of the boiler, which are conditional. They will state that the boiler must be installed and maintained as per the manufacturer’s requirements. This will include an annual service with documented reports.

8. Checking the radiators.

Having the boiler serviced also includes checking the radiators and valves for leaks. The water quality and inhibitor level should be checked to ensure the wet side of the boiler remains efficient. Sometimes they can become blocked with scale and magnetite. The symptoms of this can be a noisy boiler and pump and the bottom of the radiators being cold. Or, perhaps, the radiators furthest from the boiler might not heat up at all.

9. Keeping the system up to date.

As systems are improved, new products are introduced to help reduce your oil bills. While the engineer is servicing your boiler, they can suggest any upgrades or new products that would benefit your system. For example, thermostatic radiator valves. These let you reduce the temperature in the spare room or where you want the bedrooms a little cooler. Or perhaps an internet compatible control system to adjust the temperature or monitor the oil level in your oil tank.

10. Peace of mind.

Having a service and checking oil tanks lets you know that everything is safe and secure. The cost of an oil leak or fire can and often does run in to thousands of pounds. It’s the responsibility of the owner to take reasonable care of the whole heating system. You need to ensure that it is maintained to comply with insurers requirements.

Our Oil Boiler Services

As you can see, there are many reasons to ensure that your boiler is regularly maintained. Most importantly, ensuring your house is safe and that you enjoy uninterrupted service from your boiler.

Be sure to check out our Oil Boiler Servicing page to see how we can help. Additionally, you may also be interested in our Boiler Care Plans to help spread the cost of your maintenance. To book a service or for more information send us a message or call us on 01903 726295.

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